Diving in Puerto Galera is a must do if you're visiting The Philippines, and we would be both pleased and proud to take you out on either your first dive, refresher dive or various fun dives accessible to us.  We are proud to be located on the Verde Island Passage, with Verde Island (Isla Verde as its known to the locals) just a short boat ride away.  Verde Island Passage is internationally known and was declared in 2006 as 'The Center of of the Center of Marine Shorefish Biodiversity.'  This means we have great diversity to offer in our dive sites, and most of the dive sites are conveniently located very near our shoreline; with most less than 5-10 minute boat ride away.  

Your safety is our top priority while diving with us at Arkipelago Divers.  We operate as a PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) Dive Center and all of our programs and training follow PADI's proven international standards. Our PADI Dive Instructors will be dedicated to your success during your training.  A PADI certified Dive Master will be leading your dive, and they will help you find interesting critters along the way.  We are also very proud to have one of the best trained and more experienced PADI Course Directors at the helm of our operation; Pedro Magsino.  

Diving is not only our business, but it is our passion and love.  Each one of our team members, from our boat and dive crew to dive masters and instructors, have chosen diving as their career simply because they love it.  And because we have so much passion for what we do, our goal is to ensure you have the 'vacation of your dreams' when diving with us.  We all want to share our love for diving with each of our guests, such as yourselves.  

Below is a list of the various PADI courses and programs we offer, our fun diving rates and our available equipment and cameras for rent.  All of our equipment is brand new and well maintained by our crew.  If you are interested in other courses that are not listed below, please contact us and we can confirm that we can provide it was well.  Most likely is that we can also offer it.  Also, if you are looking for a dive and stay package, check out our promotions for the all-inclusive packages we have prepared for you or Contact Us directly for a tailor-fit package just for you.  

padi programs

All prices quoted are in USD.

  • Discover Scuba Diving                                          3 hours                 $75.00
  • Bubblemakers (pool only)                                  1.5 hours                 $55.00
  • Bubblemakers (pool and ocean)                           3 hours                 $75.00

​All programs include equipment rental, dive instructor and dive boat use.

fun diving

  • Full Equipment rental (per dive)                                                           $10.00
  • Full Equipment rental (per day)                                                            $15.00
  • BCD                                                                                                       $3.50
  • Regulator                                                                                               $3.50
  • Mask (with snorkel)                                                                                $1.50
  • Fins                                                                                                        $1.50
  • Wetsuit                                                                                                   $2.00
  • Booties                                                                                                   $1.50
  • Dive Computer (per day)                                                                      $10.00
  • Flashlight rental                                                                                      $5.00
  • Underwater Cameras                                            $10.00/Dive or $20.00/Day
    • ​​Available cameras are:  
      • Olympus TG5 with underwater housing  
      • GoPro with underwater housing and handle/strap

Equipment rental

​padi courses

  • Daytime Fun Dive                                                                           $28.00/Dive
  1. Includes Dive Master (guide), tank, weight and boat                          
  • Nitrox fill                                                                                           $8.00/Tank
  • Night Fun Dive                                                                               $35.00/Dive
  1. Includes Dive Master, tank, weights and boat
  2. Does not include flashlight.  Can be rented separately
  • Open Water Diver Course*                                3 - 4 days               $420.00 
  • Advanced Open Water Diver Course*                    2 days               $350.00
  • Emergency First Response*                                   1 day                 $150.00
  • Rescue Diver course*                                             3 days               $350.00
  • Dive Master course* **                                           21 days             $1,400.00
  • Specialty Diver Courses*
  1. Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)*                                   1 day                  $185.00
  2. Sidemount Diver*                                                  2 days                $400.00
  3. Wreck Diver*                                                         2 days                $250.00
  4. Drift Diver*                                                            1 day                   $200.00
  5. Oxygen Provider*                                                 1 day                   $150.00
  6. Deep Diver*                                                          2 days                 $250.00

*Includes PADI materials (when required), equipment rental, boat use and instructor

**Equipment rental not included in the Dive Master course