Wilson (a.k.a. Dhoy) Duyagit, Dive Crew

Wilson recently joined us as a Dive Crew and supporting Boat Team member, and he has been working as dive crew and driving boats for several years within Puerto Galera for various other operations.  His nickname that his team and friends fondly call him is Dhoy.  He is the eldest sibling of 3 boys and from Sabang, a nearby neighborhood of Puerto Galera.  He is currently happily single and enjoys hanging out with his friends, sleeping and watching TV when he is not in the dive shop.  Just call on Dhoy to assist you any time you need at the shop or on the boat.    

Nico Medina, Dive Crew
 Nico has been working as a Dive Crew member for the past several years in various other dive shops.  He is the youngest child of 4 with 3 older sisters.  He has a girlfriend whom he also enjoys spending time with when he is not in the dive shop.  Nico is from Big La Laguna, a nearby neighborhood of Puerto Galera.  Other things Nico enjoys doing in his free time is playing basketball, browsing Facebook and listening to music.  If you need anything in the shop, please don’t hesitate to stop and ask Nico.  He’s there to assist you.   

Dave Ross - Partner / Tech Instructor Trainer / PADI MSDT

Dave has been diving for over 25 years, first learning to dive in Hong Kong and we are proud that he one of our 3 partners here at Arkipelago.  He is a founding member of the Asian Karst Exploration Project, which has discovered and surveyed the longest underwater cave system (5,600m) in Southeast Asia; The Kasili System is in Eastern Samar, Philippines.  Dave turned to professional diver first in 1991, became a PADI instructor in 1992 and an International Association of Nitrox & Technical Divers (IANTD) in 1995.  Dave is originally from London, England and has lived in Philippines for the past 22 years.  Dave is the eldest of 2 children with a younger sister.  He is also happily married with two grown children.  In his free time Dave enjoys anything outdoors.  He is an active Crossfitter, occasionally competing as a Master Athlete when he has the time.  

Julius Maturan, PADI Dive Master
Julius is our newest certified Dive Master, having recently completed his certification with our Course Director.  He was assisting as a dive crew member at another shop when he tried his first dive.  He then fell in love with diving and decided to make it his career.  Julius has 2 brothers and 3 sisters, he being the youngest.  He also has a long time girlfriend whom he is fond of spending time.  He is originally from Matalom, Leyte, Philippines and has lived in Big La Laguna, Puerto Galera for the past 4 years.  He now happily calls Puerto Galera his home.  In his free time he also enjoys playing the guitar and singing.  Ask him to demonstrate his beatbox skills and he would be happy to do so.  

Ryan Lopez, Boat Captain
Ryan has been driving boats for the last 6 years. Being out on the water is what he enjoys the most, and anyone on his boat will always be well-taken care of.  Ryan is the youngest child of 4 with 3 other sisters.  He was born, raised and currently still lives in Sinandigan, a local neighborhood of Puerto Galera.  He enjoys browsing Facebook and watching T.V. in his free time.  As of this time he is single with no kids, but hopes to find his significant other and have a family in the near future.  

We are very focused on team work and our team here at Arkipelago Divers.  We have put together a great team who is unique in both personalities and experience.  You won't be short of a good time and some laughs with each of our Team Arkipelago members.  

Read a little below to find out about each of our team members.  

Introducing Team

Gaby Zhang, PADI Dive Instructor
Gaby has been diving for over 4 years and was certified as a PADI Instructor in December 2016.  She is originally from Taiyan, China & has been living in Big Lalaguna for the past year, a local neighborhood of Puerto Galera.  In her free time Gaby enjoys running, hiking and traveling to new places; that is how to found Puerto Galera. Gaby speaks Mandarin and English.  Gaby loves diving, and enjoys imparting her knowledge of diving to each of her students.  She’s always available to assist anyone at the shop and on our dives.  

Rochelle (a.k.a. Chelle) Mendoza, Secretary
Rochelle, also called Chelle, is our newest team member, joining as our second Secretary.  She is supported by Mary Jane and ready to assist you when needed.  She ensures the office is running smoothly and the shop boys have all they need at all times.  Chelle is also a resident of Big La Laguna, a nearby neighborhood of Puerto Galera.  She is the middle of 3 siblings and the only girl in the pack.  She is also happily married with a 2 year old son whom everyone fondly calls Jigz.  When she is not assisting us in the dive shop she enjoys spending time with her family, playing cards, watching TV and eating great food.   

Mary Jane Medina (a.k.a. Bhadz), Secretary
Mary Jane, also known to her friends as Bhadz, is our team’s secretary.  She ensures the shop has all it needs to run smoothly & will take care of you on your stay with us; from time of reservation to check out.  Bhadz is from Big La Laguna, a nearby neighborhood of Puerto Galera.  She is the second child of 4 with an older sister and a younger brother and sister.  Bhadz is currently expecting her first son by November.  Team Arkipelago is excited to welcome him in a few short months.  In her free time she enjoys playing cards, browsing Facebook and hanging out with her friends.    

Cris Robles, PADI Dive Master
Cris is no stranger to Puerto Galera.  He is originally from San Jose, Batangas and stays there part time. He also stays part time in Puerto Galera.  He is multi-skilled, diver and driver; sometimes a dive master and sometimes a driver.  He enjoys doing both so much he makes them both his career.  Cris is the eldest of 12 siblings, with 5 younger brothers and 6 younger sisters.  Cris is also a family-man, happily married with 4 children of his own; 3 boys and 1 girl.  In his free time, when not diving or driving, Cris also enjoys taking care of his chicken and pig farms in Batangas.  Cris loves to joke and always has a smile on his face.  You can hear his laughter from faraway.  You're sure to have a great time with Cris leading your dives and taking care of you at the shop.  

Pedro Magsino (a.k.a Indo) - Partner / General Manager / PADI Course Director

Pedro has been diving since 1994 and a very active Course Director; teaching all levels from Open Water Diver to Instructor level courses. Big La Laguna is Pedro's hometown, local neighborhood of Puerto Galera, where he learned to dive and became a PADI dive professional. Some of the many places Pedro has been diving are Puerto Galera, Tubbataha Reef, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bohol, Coron, Apo Island, Boracay Island, and Malapascua Island.  He has also done a few dives in Hawaii.  Pedro is the eldest of 4 children, with 1 younger brother and 2 younger sisters.  He is also a family-man, happily married with 2 kids, and his wife and he look after several of their own god-children.  In his free time Pedro enjoys traveling with his family and just simply relaxing.  

Henry Cabuhal (a.k.a Vodz), PADI Dive Master
Henry has been diving for over 12 years and is a PADI Dive Master.  Henry is the eldest child and has 2 brothers and 3 sisters.  Henry is happily married with 2 children; one boy and a little girl.  In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, watching T.V. and jogging to keep himself fit.  Henry is from Big La Laguna, a local neighborhood of Puerto Galera and currently lives in Kabilang Gulod also a local to Puerto Galera.  He loves diving and enjoys talking to each of his guests.  Henry is sure to find you little critters at our various dive sites.  Just let him know what’s your favorite critter so he can be on the look out for them.

Han Zhao (a.k.a Jeff) - Partner / PADI Dive Master

Jeff has been diving for the past 4+ years and has completed up through his Dive Master course with Pedro, one of his co-partners.  He is one of our strongest supporters and partners here at Arkipelago.  Jeff is the eldest of 2 children with a younger brother.  He is originally from Beijing, People’s Republic of China.  He is happily married with one daughter, whom loves being outdoors and swimming just like him.  Jeff enjoys reading and playing golf when he has a few extra minutes.  He frequently travels to and from China actively promoting Arkipelago Divers.  While Jeff is still relatively new to the diving world, one can say he fell in love with it when he completed his dive master course, and opening Arkipelago Divers shop is his way to give back and share his love and passion for diving with others.