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Meet the Team

We have an amazing & friendly team of dedicated professionals to assist you with anything you might need throughout your trip. We guarantee quality service from all members of our team including: Our friendly & always smiling FRONT DESK team that will greet you upon your arrival Our helpful & always alert HOUSEKEEPING & MAINTANENCE team that will look after your needs during your stay Our knowledgeable RESTAURANT team that will prepare delicious and savory food to enjoy while listening to the waves Our charismatic DIVE TEAM - from dive crew, boat crew, divemasters, and instructors - that will keep you safe and entertained.



Pedro & Amy Magsino together with their two beautiful children James & Mia are very hands-on, supportive, and great general managers. You are likely to see them each day here in the resort, talking to our guests and supporting our entire team. If you need anything or have anything to tell them, please do not hesitate to let them know.

Pedro is a local to Puerto Galera, a PADI Course Director of 20 years, and has been diving for over 28 years. If you have any questions about diving, Pedro is the perfect man to ask.

Amy is an American that has lived in the Philippines for over 20 years. She’s a former Business Process Outsourcing Executive who opted for a quieter life on the beach. She brings her strong business & operations skills to the beach to help her beloved husband and family successfully operate the resort, dive shop and all other services we offer.






Are you interested in learning how to dive or improve your diving skills? These are the just the guys to partner with you. Our instructors are highly trained and extremely experienced. They teach to the highest of standards to ensure you learn the skills for diving and have fun while doing so. These guys are professional and personable all at the same time. You won’t regret taking your PADi course with them whether it is Open Water Diver course, Advanced Diver Course, any specialty you’re interested in all the way up to becoming a PADI Divemaster or Instructor.

- Meet Pedro, our in-house PADI Course Director. He is a local to Puerto Galera and has been diving for 30 years and a Course Director for 20 years. We have guests come from all over the world to learn from Pedro. He is patient and kind and will share all the tips and tricks to being the best diver.

- Meet Rufo, PADI Instructor. He is also local to Puerto Galera and has been diving for over 26 years. He’s been a PADI Instructor for 20 years. In fact Pedro was Rufo’s Course Director and helped teach him to be the great instructor he is today. He’s well-known all over the Philippines and internationally as well for his patient and knowledgeable teaching style and you’ll always have a good laugh while learning with Rufo.

- Meet Micco, PADI Instructor. He is also local to Puerto Galera and has been diving for over 8 years. He’s been a PADI Instructor for 4 years. Micco is a quiet guy, but very knowledgeable and patient for every type of learner too. He’s an excellent dive guide too so you’re sure to see some great things underwater while learning with Mico too. Don’t be fooled by his younger age as he is an excellent instructor; very thorough and attentive to all your needs.



Now, what are you waiting for? Get your swimsuit on and let’s get wet! Our friendly, fun, energetic and funny group of guys are ready to get your dive gear set up for your diving! Sit back, relax and enjoy your dives, and let our crew do the rest from setting up your gear, putting it on the boat and cleaning it after your dives. If you have any specific need or help requested please let any of them know and they will assist you.

 • Meet Albert & Adoy driving our speedboats, Pulo & Devil Dog.

• Meet Nicko, Edem & Allen, your support from the shore




Are you interested in learning how to dive, improving your skills, gaining more underwater experience/knowledge, and/or diving professionally? These are the right guides for you to dive with. Our highly qualified group of PADI dive professionals will ensure your safety and guarantee an awesome diving experience, whether you're going on a fun dive or taking a course/program.

• Meet Martin who is not only a Divemaster but also the dive shop manager too. He assists Pedro to look after the dive crew, boat crew, and divemasters to ensure your diving experience is top-notch.

• Meet Cris (aka Critter Cris) who is one of the most experienced Divemasters we have and if you want to spot it he will do all he can to find it for you. He will keep you laughing and smiling all day long too.

• Meet Julius (aka Moks) who is not only an awesome Divemaster but also surely to entertain you on shore or on the boat while you’re preparing for your dive.

• Meet Marwin who may be the quiet guy, but don’t be deceived as he has an eye for awesome underwater life. He is a great spotter underwater and will tell you more about it on shore.



If you’re hungry, this is the place to be. Our friendly team of chefs, kitchen prep & dishwashers, and waitstaff are eager to serve you in our delicious restaurant with a beautiful ocean view. Check out our menu and if there is something you want to try just let them know. If there is something you would like the chef to prepare that is not on the menu, simply ask our wait-staff and if the chef can prepare it he will do so. Bon appetit!

• You may not see them often but the team in the kitchen is made up of the chef team Alex, Sonny, Joebert & Benz, and the kitchen prep is supported by Maxie & Logan.

• The smiling faces that will greet you and take your order is headed by Melai and supported by Lovely, Cathy, Rhon, Ape and Care.



Our Front Desk teams are a friendly, courteous, and always smiling team that will greet you when you arrive, assist you with anything you need during your stay and ensure a smooth check-out when you’re ready to leave. They are also the team behind the scenes making sure your trip is well-planned, coordinated and communicated. Call on them for anything you may need and they will always be ready to help you, with a shining smile!

• Meet Mary Jane ‘aka MJ’, Rochelle ‘aka Chelle’ from the Front Desk to ensure all your needs are met here at the resort each day.

• Say hi to Bryan ‘aka Brenda’, Marie Mar ‘aka MM’ behind the scenes managing our website and social media.

• Don’t forget the always laughing Melisa ‘aka Meli’ that ensures your vans and boats are always on time and your trip is safe and smooth amongst many other things that she does.



Cleanliness is our housekeeping’s middle name. They will clean your room each day during your stay. They will also wash & fold your laundry as you request it. And if there is anything extra you need, special requests that you have for your room, they will make sure it gets done for you. They are likely the first to greet you in the mornings too as you head to the restaurant for your hot cup of coffee.

• Meet Arlene, Dona, Mary Jane & Lotis, the clean and green team.



This small but fierce team keeps our resort running smoothly & safe. They keep the water running & the lights on. They have eyes all over the property day and night, and aim to proactively fix anything that needs fixing or adjusting. In the unlikely event something is not working to your satisfaction during your stay, you may call on them or inform our Front Desk and they will get on top of it and fix it right away. They too are likely some of the first faces to greet you in the mornings.

• Say hi to Tatay Lino, Kuya Ronnie & Kuya Alden!